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The Best Leather in the World!


“When a briefcase or travel bag collects the dreams, sacrifices , hard work and joy of the one who uses it, it becomes a symbol, a living status.”

DUST leather is hand crafted in Tuscany, incorporating vegetable-tanned leather, it is no coincidence that Tuscany is the founder of a tradition that has its' roots in the 1300’s.

A natural cradle made of forests, vast green valleys, plenty of water, and thanks to the farmers ability to put them to good use, this has provided the tanners with all they needed to become excellent masters of vegetable tanned leather.

When the DUST brand was created, they took on something that was more than normal business. With over ten years of experience in working with leather, the craftsmanship that they put into creating DUST, not only contributes to making high quality bags with an elegant design, but creating an experience of those who choose to own the product.



We live in a world of disposable products: our smartphones that we change every two years, our old computers that we replace, our wardrobe that we renew when our clothes become unfashionable.


We want DUST to be the objects that last. In memories, in the worn beauty, so that they become sacred witnesses of a true humanity, a love of pure things.


The peculiarity of leather is that it goes against the flow of consumerism because the consumption over time enriches its' value. An aged leather corroded through use and time becomes more beautiful and precious. For us what makes it priceless is the idea that a leather bag can accompany you throughout your life. Filled with memories, belongings and will accompany you throughout whatever happens day-by-day.


DUST bags can tell stories; and we want to be in yours. Your story, your life steeped in the use of a happy object that becomes valuable because you value it.

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