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Snug Bud wearable body warmer


Dreading going out in the cold this Winter? 

Freezing on your doggy walk, waiting on icy-cold train platforms, watching your little ones on the frost bitten sports field, shivering through the fireworks display...

SNUGBUD will absolutely change your year, and maybe your life…this is the gift that gives back!


The simplest ideas are often the best ideas. It took three years of intense research, the designing of numerous prototypes and radical testing in different environments for SNUGBUD to be born. Simply fill your SNUGBUD water bottle found inside Pouch from the kettle and away you go.

SNUGBUD went fishing on the freezing banks of Alaskan rivers, skiing on the pristine slopes of Colorado, mountaineering at Everest base camp, -27 degrees Celsius temperatures on a Russian sports field.


Equally important SNUGBUD is perfect for lying back on the couch with a steaming cup of coffee and a good book or just snuggling whilst watching a movie. 

Obvious medical benefits when worn for aliments such as back pain, endometriosis, raynaud’s…


This wearable body warmer is available in 2 sizes (Classic for Adults and Junior for kids and petite adults) and incorporates a mobile phone pocket and hand warming sleeve.


SNUGBUD classic comes in a choice of 6 Nordic colours from Love Red, Cosmic Blue to Forest Green, there is also a gorgeous fluffy (teddy) option for kids.


It is super eco-friendly, safe to use. The SNUGBUD water bottle is the highest graded hot water bottle around, and thanks to its highly technical 6 layered inner shell insulation users are provided with long lasting warmth anywhere, anytime.


The proof is in the heating!


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