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JOTT Jackets

Founded in 2010 in Marseille, France, by Mathieu and Nicolas Gourdikian, JOTT (Just Over The Top) is a trendy urban brand that reinvents the way we dress by focusing on comfort and style.
The style and practicality of JOTT jackets have meant that JOTT products are high in demand across the world. It is stocked and distributed in over 40 countries, including USA, Japan and Barcelona.

Practical and weatherproof

​JOTT coats consist of thin, ultra light weight, goose down jackets that can be worn season to season. Thanks to its' compact bag, JOTT coats can fit anywhere and you can always be prepared: in the trunk of a scooter, in the glove box, or in a bag ready for that trip around the world. 
They are suitable for all outdoor activities, 
perfect for skiing, running and equestrian activities.
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